We are uniquely positioned to provide budget services to small and medium sized companies and provide web site development, design and search engine optimization services.

If needed or desired we can also provide hosting services and domain name registration of the common domain extensions for our clients.

We feel that by combining the knowledge you have about your products and your
clientele together with our knowledge of web technologies and search engine
intricacies, we can make you a web site that will live up to its goals.    
Our goals

Our goal is to make a web site, together with you, that works!

  • One that has the possibility to bring you customers, viewers or transmit your message via the major search engines.
  • One that is easily navigable and pleasant to look at once somebody arrives at your site, so that they stay and pay attention to your product.
  • One with enough info about you and your products or services to install credibility with your (potential-) clients.
  • One that complements your existing business in style and content by using any pre-existing advertising material, texts, graphics etc. when available.
  • All this while keeping the price reasonable.

Some recent examples of work that we were involved in.

About us

Tasman Web Developers is a small company started in 1999 by the Dutchman Jan van Gessel and is based in Chile's beach resort Vina del Mar.
We comprise of a loose group of individuals of various specialties around a central axis (Jan).
We tend to focus on budget web sites for small businesses aiming to create a presence for themselves on the Internet, but unsure how to go about it, and hesitant to dedicate a large budget for something of which the benefits might as yet be unclear.